Ripoll. Ripollès. Monestir de Santa Maria. Portalada


Ripoll, capital of the Ripollès region, keeps of one of the country most important remains of Catalan Romanesque Art: Santa Maria de Ripoll monasteryl, founded by Guifré el Pilós circa 880 A.C. Its Romanesque arcade from the 12th century is considered an architectural work of great relevance. For this reason, its candidacy to the World Heritage was submitted during 2011.


Different bibles, which now can be found in Ripoll, Barcelona, Paris and Rome,  were produced at the monastery by the copyist monks. The Scriptorium offers the chance to learn more about the copyists lives and to carry out several activities that show the materials and techniques used.

Later on, the trades associated to the iron, contributed to the town economic development. For this reason, the number of iron craftsmen got increased, and Ripoll became one of the main weapon manufacturers of the country. If you are interested in industrial tourism, we encourage you to visit Farga Palau, the last working foundry in Catalonia.

If you want to know more about different activities and places of interest in Ripoll check, Terra de Comtes i Abats and plan your visit.

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